Commonly Referenced

Invisible Children (IC) – You may have heard of their media marvel, KONY 2012. Then again, maybe you haven’t. You may have heard of central Africa. Again, maybe you haven’t. If you ever get the hankering to learn a thing or two about the LRA, Invisible Children’s got you covered.

Pencils of Promise (PoP) – PoP builds primary schools and works to improve the quality of teaching in those schools. So while I soak in sweat and read extensively, I am also responsible for documenting our progress in Ghana and projecting it into the cyberworld. Mazel tov.

Resolution:Possible (ResPoss) – What are other people saying about the LRA and central Africa? Doesn’t it have, like, a really complicated history? Check out ResPoss’ website and blog. Both map out the region’s history and current events while welcoming contributions from around the world.

Resolve – They’ve been through a few names over the years. Current iteration: The Resolve LRA Crisis Initiative. Based in Washington, DC this is the group I will likely speak of with the most fondness because they taught me how to read a policy paper, eat with a fork, and wear heels.

Touching Tiny Lives (TTL) – When I tell people I live in Lesotho, they ask what country that’s in. Newsflash, Lesotho is a country. It also houses a safe home and outreach program called TTL that combats malnutrition and HIV in the rural highlands. Voilà. and


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