Food & Drink

Food is the central focus of most of humanity. We salivate over our favorite dishes, pray fervently that dinner will not contain any of our least favorites (again), and sorrowfully lament the lack thereof.

I have 3 rules when I travel: Speak local. Dress local. Eat local.

The first is not always possible: lack of time. Neither is the second: lack of money. But the third can always be managed. Even as a vegetarian I’ve managed to visit some meat-heavy locales and chum it up with the best of them.

Visiting the individual country pages should reveal some of the local food I tried and loved (or hated).

In this section are home-tested recipes I decided the world needed access to. Here also I will document some of my cross-cultural cooking experiences. Making cookies in an Equatoguinean kitchen without butter? Done. An Indian biryani attempt in Canada that turned out badly for all involved? Yeah tried that too. German beer vs. Belgian beer in a gymnasium (high school)-level drinking contest? Still waiting on a winner…

UPDATE: I’m beginning a small project called Breakfast Around the World. While I’m late to begin, having already traveled many places without properly documenting the morning fare, it is a fun little assignment I hope to continue.


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