À Propos


My name is Becky and by force of habit, I am rarely found where one expects to find me. I speak English, French, German, and Sarcasm; currently studying Arabic and Academia. To demonstrate my resourcefulness, I am utilizing my completely unrelated college degree by documenting my days in text and photo for the viewing pleasure of no one in particular.

Though my location varies, my interests are static. I like Alice in Wonderland, the color green, and lists of three. I want to travel the world and write a book. I do not like the word “defenestration.”

My dreams are bigger than my achievements, because my dreams are bigger than my wallet.




The Menace is an exercise in editing and voice.

Here readers will find posts recording daily life around the world, terrifying travel mishaps, and the occasional recipe with secret ingredients censored out in black permanent marker. I draw inspiration from my own experiences, people I’ve met, and THIS.

The Menace teaches me to view life with proper perspective – such as tallying just how many bathroom breaks I take during the day. The content herein is personal observation and comic relief. If occasionally I post something of real value, rest assured it was accidental.

No blog content shall be more than 500 words. Photos are my own. Photos credited to other people are not. I am my own audience, so naturally views expressed are my own.


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  3. onomatopoeicbliss

    Give me three reasons

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