img source: studentsoftheworld.infoWhen, Where, Why:

At various times I’ve called Saint Louis, MO; Washington, DC; San Diego, CA; and the open road all home. Travels have carried to every corner.

In under 50 words:

Even listing the states would be cheating in this section. Each coast has character of different makes, the middle has charm, the north contains the original hipsters, and the south with drown you in fried food and hospitality.


The US was built on the dreams of frontiersmen and the hard work of people in bondage. Visit the skyscrapers of New York and the reservations of South Dakota. Dance with the cajuns and hike in the forests of Washington. There’s much to love and every place has a story.

Food & Drink:

American staples include the hamburger, hot dog, deep fried anything, deep-dish pizza, sodas, watery beers, and fast food. It’s not glamorous, or healthy, but it is ‘Murka.


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