When, Where, Why:

Took a quick trip in August 2014 while preparing for my UK student visa application appointment. It sure beat hanging around Pretoria by myself!

In under 50 words:

3 Days: Mokolodi Game Drive, sundowner beers in the Reserve, hike Kgale Hill, National Museum & Art Gallery, Main Mall, Parliament, Three Dikgosi Monument, bus station, moving on.


With only 3 days in-country and having only seen Gaborone and Mokolodi, I think I spent my time well. Travelers would do well to book a longer time in Botswana and get north and west into Chobe and the Kalahari. Gaborone is a small, sleepy city without much to occupy a restless vagabond.

Food & Drink:

Botswana isn’t exactly known for its cuisine, but the local beer is the St. Louis lager (try the Export if you’d prefer something a bit darker) and there is plenty of desert street vendor fare at P5 a pop!


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