When, Where, Why:

My first venture off the North American continent took me first to Venice in the summer of 2007 for a high school humanities course. Certainly we visited every landmark in four prominent cities (Venice, Rome, Pisa, Florence) that dealt with visual, dramatic, and musical arts. I delivered a presentation on Gian Lorenzo Bernini at the foot of the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi in Rome.

In under 50 words:

Gondolas, cobblestone, archways, masks, pickpockets and celebration. Throw in some real Italian pasta or pizza and you essentially have the dream.


Art and art and Vatican City and more art. So much history contained in a single place, with old and new jutting against one another in perfect harmony. It’s important to see the glass blowers, leather workers, and perhaps a football match if you’re able. La dolce vita.

Food & Drink:

An italian cookbook could likely give more insight than my week in Italy, but as can be assumed pasta and gelato are worlds better when prepared fresh. If possible, eat on a flight of centuries-old steps at dusk.


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