When, Where, Why:

I’m an atypical tourist, traveling my first time to Europe as part of a high school humanities course in 2007. We visited the greatest art museums and relics of London – my favorites being the Globe Theater and the Tate Modern.

Again in 2009 I visited with my roommates. We had a class at the BBC on Monday and spent the weekend prior seeing the sights. It was my roommate Nicole’s first time to Europe and together the three of us showed her our favorite places around the city. I can navigate all the major attractions of London by tube or on foot in a single day. I will gladly prove this, for the cost of trans-atlantic airfare.

In under 50 words:

Though England is culturally similar to my native USA, my UK love affair began with Harry Potter, strongly supported by the rainy climate, furthered by the prevalence of cute row houses, and finished with the discovery that my Dad’s family is from England/Scotland. We think.


I’ve seen most everything in the central ring of the city – the London Eye, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace (and Changing of the Guard), Hyde Park, the list goes on. Buy an oyster card and joy ride the tube, visit Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross, and marvel at the bright red double-deckers darting around town. Head to a football match if you’ve the time, but mind the fierce loyalty of the firms and the brawls which threaten to erupt without notice. For alternative sports, rugby, cricket, and rounders may prove interesting.

I await the day when I can escape the city confines and explore more of the country.

Food & Drink:

England is notorious for having shitty food. Jamie Oliver may disagree, but i believe that in London I have eaten more international food than local simply because of its availability. Fish and chips are worth the investment if they are purchased from a dodgy shop with a line out the door. Whiskey, scotch, and good beer are in abundant supply and should be consumed most heartily.


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