Call for submissions: DRC

Dear ResPoss+

We would like to invite you to contribute to our DRC blog series, launching on the 27th January and running for three weeks. We can post your contribution at any time throughout this period.

We ask for pieces to be no more than 500 words. The idea is to give people food for thought, to consider an aspect to the topic that they might not have considered before. It’s your unique thoughts and perspectives that we are interested in, and we hope people can find context from our web pages, so there’s no need for you to provide a detailed summary or analysis.

You are free to explore whatever you think is most valuable for people to consider, but we have come up with some questions while working on our DRC pages, in case they help structure your thoughts. If you follow the questions, you can comment on all of them briefly, or one in more detail.


  • The legacy of events in Congo’s history including, King Leopold and the ‘scramble for Africa’,  the Cold War surrounding Congo’s independence movement and the assassination of Patrice Lumumba.
  • The relevance of ethnic tensions to Congo’s current situation, including the influx of Hutus from Rwanda following the 1994 crisis
  • The relevance of the mining industry to the current situation in DRC.
  • The UN presence in DRC, and how it developed from a peacekeeping mission to an offensive force.

Moving forward:

  • In terms of the infrastructure of the DRC, what must happen for FARDC to be able to maintain peace? For example, what are the issues with integrating troops formerly seen as ‘rebels’, who will now fight alongside people they were fighting against not too long ago?
  • What else is needed other than a strong military force to uphold rule of law in DRC?
If you would like to reference a site/article/book, please use the  format below:

Hello, this is a sample of a contribution for Resolution:Possible’s Perspectives section. Please underline the text in your article you would like hyperlinked and place the URL next to the text in brackets like this [ ]

If you are quoting a book rather than an online article, please let us know the title and author of the book. We will make sure to link it for you in your piece.

We will read your piece before publishing but won’t make any changes ourselves since the piece is yours. If we think there’s anything that needs clarifying we will ask you to alter it and send it back to us.

If you have questions, please get in touch. We’d be delighted to talk things over.

Thank you,
Katherine Payne, Director

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