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Thanksgiving Recipe 2014

London Thanksgiving Dinner
1 Portuguese
1 Australian
1 Briton
1 Irishman
1 Dutchwoman
1 American
8 supermarket trips
3 hours of cooking
5 Thanksgiving dishes (divided)
2 holiday candles
3 bottles of wine

Mix for 3 hours, stirring in 20 minutes’ worth of stories explaining the origin of Thanksgiving holiday and traditions (Optional: add 1/2 cup skepticism and a healthy dash of snark).

To make gluten-free or historically accurate, may substitute alternative Thanksgiving accounts.

Serve hot.


Afternoon at the VRC

I have never met so many Peace Corps Volunteers at one time before in my life.

14011805Though I suppose when you get invited to join a social event of any kind on a Saturday afternoon in Mokhotlong, it’s probably a good idea to accept. There’s no telling when the next one might be.

During Jenn’s time here she’s made friends with a few of the local PCVs – friendships that I have gratefully assumed to last me through the next nine months. Anri and Carlaine have each already visited for cookies and dinner, respectively. PCVs from Swaziland have stopped by for a visit to Sani Pass and we may be reuniting with them in late February. I suddenly find myself sharing stories of my friend Emily working in Benin, Connor in Peru (or somewhere in Latin America – not sure I ever knew which country precisely), and my old roommate who served in the Volta Region of Ghana. Coincidence.

Peace Corps is a strange culture, but the people who take part are certainly some of the more interesting ones I’ve met. It does take a special kind of person to uproot and move to a completely new culture for two years, expected to take on a project or teaching assignment with very little external guidance. Many of the crew  I met on Saturday have recently arrived to Mokhotlong district, their teaching careers begun on Monday this week. I am curious to see what has changed when we meet again in March.

In the meantime, here’s to Mexican-esque and ginger beer.

14011802 14011803(photos courtesy of Anri)

Staff Party: Lesotho Christmas edition


There must be a template for staff parties:

  • Minimal decoration
  • A costume or dress code that mostly gets ignored
  • Enough food for twice as many people
  • Festive music of which one person inevitably takes control
  • And clusters of people desperately clutching alcoholic beverages

Don’t confuse this for complaint. It is simply fun to observe how culturally or geographically transcendent the ‘staff party’ can be.

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And a holiday message from TTL.

An American Evening


This is Elizabeth Quaye.

She’s 13 years old; speaks three languages; loves to eat Mr. Snackys; and always makes sure her younger sister Genesis is included in her games. More importantly, she’s the closest thing I have to a compatriot in Ho.

Elizabeth often comes to my house in the evenings to ask all sorts of questions. Mostly questions about America.

Many Americans view Africa (the continent comprised of 54 countries and hundreds of distinct languages) as a single, stereotypical region. Many of my Ghanaian neighbors consider the United States (the country comprised of 50 states and hundreds of immigrant nationalities) the same way.

Thus, when Elizabeth asked me what is an American meal, I decided to make a point. American cuisine is nonexistent, or at best a compilation of innovations on dozens of different ethnic foods. As we sat in my living room watching How To Train Your Dragon, Elizabeth had her first American dinner: Ghana edition.

My Asian-inspired evening was more to my taste than Elizabeth’s, but to her credit she tasted everything. At least the experience should stop questions about what people eat in America.

Ghanaian Cuisine

I have the time but not the desire to scurry around town and collect photos of all the street food that has sustained me the past four months. So I refer readers instead to this excellent compilation of Ghanaian food by KitchenButterfly.

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