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London from Primrose Hill

(photo cred: Dance For Your Daddy) - http://danceforyourdaddy.wordpress.com/2012/10/15/lets-take-a-cycle-to-primrose-hill-its-windy-there-and-the-views-so-nice/

A mid-run break this afternoon in Regent’s Park.



Hopefully my friends never count the number of times I expressed longing for a big city while in slow-town Ho-town. I surely hit double digits quite early on.

Before heading on to Lesotho, I made sure to fit in some city living in one of my favorites: rainy gray London*.

A pub and a pint and a bed for the night.

Solid trip and I’m chuffed.

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*And yes, the rain and gloom is the best part about London. However, the lovely ResPoss crew is a close second.