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Thanksgiving Recipe 2014

London Thanksgiving Dinner
1 Portuguese
1 Australian
1 Briton
1 Irishman
1 Dutchwoman
1 American
8 supermarket trips
3 hours of cooking
5 Thanksgiving dishes (divided)
2 holiday candles
3 bottles of wine

Mix for 3 hours, stirring in 20 minutes’ worth of stories explaining the origin of Thanksgiving holiday and traditions (Optional: add 1/2 cup skepticism and a healthy dash of snark).

To make gluten-free or historically accurate, may substitute alternative Thanksgiving accounts.

Serve hot.


King Letsie has a birthday

When the King has a birthday, the whole kingdom gets a day off to celebrate. One lucky district (the honour rotates annually) hosts the royal family for two days of official birthday festivities. Mokhotlong turned out for this year’s royal birthday bash.

Day 1: A Day at the Races


Day 2: A Formal Affair


The King’s in Town

King Letsie III is in Mokhotlong to celebrate his birthday tomorrow (a national holiday in Lesotho). And while this photo is not a true likeness of His Majesty, it certainly adds to the celebratory atmosphere, eh?

Taster Trip 2014 | Final itinerary

In under 3 weeks, we put over 3,000km on Winston’s tires. In each place we visited, we spent no more than 2 nights (with the exception of Durban) giving us a wee ‘taste’ of each place and plenty of incentive to return in time.

With a few adjustments from our original route, I give you our final trip itinerary, complete with links to my photos and reflections.

[Accompanying photos are primarily a compilation of my own, Marijn’s, and Cathy’s. How fortunate, else I’d never feature in a single one.]

Jules caught me in a moment of patriotism

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Jules caught me in a moment of patriotism

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Happy Fourth of July!

Taster Trip 2014 | Praia de Macaneta

Sun, Surf, Sand, and PEIXE!

The crew (plus a few) spent our Easter weekend basking on the beaches of a wetlands peninsula off Maputo bay.

Another Mozambican wonder.


Because we all need a little more cosmic kitty in our lives

Happy Valentine’s Day.