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The Making of Harry Potter: Warner Brothers Studio Tour


At last: my birthday gift to me!

I laughed.

I cried.

(Well, nearly.)

And I wandered Leavesden Studios in a daze, remembering with fondness every moment of Harry Potter mania – the seven books, the midnight release parties, the costumes, fan fiction, and hushed spoiler whispers – and the anticipation of the films that brought the magic to life.IMG_1132IMG_1065On the Warner Brothers Studio Tour, eager fans (e.g. yours truly + Marijn, my trusty comrade in arms) can revel with abandon in the literary and cinematic masterpiece of fifteen years of Harry Potter – from the 1997 publication of the Philosopher’s Stone to the box set release of all eight films.

Props, sets, costumes, interviews, pranks and quirks, production secrets and behind-the-scenes gossip – soak it all in, children of all ages. The magic lives on. IMG_1124

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Hang In There, Baby Crookshanks


Figured you might need a mid-week pick-me-up

The Making of Harry Potter

This is adorable. And makes me that much more excited about my birthday gift to myself in 6 months.

“Anything off the trolley dear?”

I’m on a British baking binge. To be more precise, I’m on a Harry Potter baking binge. I revel in my ever-rising nerd status.

Recipes are in the experimental phase at the moment, but I’d be remiss not to share them even as they are. Photos to come when I’ve perfected each. These first batches were rather garish.

Pumpkin Pasties

Alterations: Used butternut squash in place of pumpkin. Cut sugar to 1/2 cup. Used margarine-based pastry dough because #availableingredients and thickened with extra flour. Egg-wash.

Review: So good, I had to make them twice. The flavor and spices were phenomenal. Unfortunately in my inaugural batch the sugar was overwhelming and the oil-based dough was atrocious to work with. Hence the adjustments listed above, which I employed in round 2. The finished pasties keep decently well, but devouring them within a day or so is strongly recommended.

Next round: Work on finding the perfect pastry dough and make them prettier.

Pumpkin pasties are just one of the many treats sold by the plump little witch who strolls the train corridor as the students make their way toward Hogwarts.

Oh treacle tart. You are beautiful and delicious.

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Treacle Tart

Alterations: Fresh out of lemons, so subbed white vinegar. Used margarine (or some equally nasty fatty spread) instead of butter for the dough. Increased molasses because short on treacle. Used crumbled Weet-bix instead of true breadcrumbs.

Review: Holy goodness. More please.

Next round: Make into individual tarts to cut down on the tooth-rotting-sweet; keep molasses doubled.

Allegedly, treacle tart – a common Muggle sweet – is Harry’s favorite. This is understandable, considering his limited knowledge of wizarding treats. However, toss me a pumpkin pasty over a slice of tart any day.

And in the spirit of indulging on Potter-related things, the news of late has been pretty great. What with the expansion of the Wizarding World at Universal Studios and JK Rowling’s interview with Emma Watson in Wonderland Magazine.

Time to re-read the series methinks.

Harry Potter Stamps

According to USAToday, “The first U.S. postage stamps to feature images from Harry Potter movies go on advance sale Tuesday at usps.com/stamps.”

This is important.

For one thing, I have a deep and abiding love for the Harry Potter stories and probably owe the series my first seven children and therefore will of course be queuing for my own prints because #childhood. For another, the release of limited-edition Harry Potter postage stamps in the U.S. may prompt a few more people to pick up a pen, lick that nasty envelope glue, and exert the effort of raising that red metal flag currently rusting alongside the mailbox.

Even if that fails, then geeks like me can still probably single-handedly balance the USPS budget for FY2013.

PS – because Evanna Lynch is my go-to for all wonderful things Harry Potter, here’s the lady announcing Luna Lovegood’s postal debut:

Fantastic Beasts: The Movie

That’s right, boys and girls. JK Rowling has announced a new film that will follow one of her lesser characters – the amenable Newt Scamander, textbook writer extraordinaire, who filled my days with wonder and imagination. What could possibly be next?!

Childhood Becky is squealing. And so are other Potterheads.

Evy Lynch portrays the lovable Luna Lovegood in the Warner Bros. films:

She keeps going, but I’ll spare you 🙂

Warning: Contains science

Wizard Genetics