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Thanksgiving Recipe 2014

London Thanksgiving Dinner
1 Portuguese
1 Australian
1 Briton
1 Irishman
1 Dutchwoman
1 American
8 supermarket trips
3 hours of cooking
5 Thanksgiving dishes (divided)
2 holiday candles
3 bottles of wine

Mix for 3 hours, stirring in 20 minutes’ worth of stories explaining the origin of Thanksgiving holiday and traditions (Optional: add 1/2 cup skepticism and a healthy dash of snark).

To make gluten-free or historically accurate, may substitute alternative Thanksgiving accounts.

Serve hot.


All the food

Let’s discuss the number of hours I’ve spent in the kitchen these past few days:

All the baking

IMG_6117  IMG_6140
IMG_6139  IMG_0003

All the cooking

IMG_0005  IMG_0004  IMG_6141

And it all got eaten. Life is excellent.

Recipe for Ingenuity

Preparing even familiar foods in another country undoubtedly presents certain obstacles – chief among them lack of ingredients/appliances. I like to think I’ve become rather adept at substitutions to achieve the same (or similar) results, like these fantastic Banana Oat Muffins. And apart from a minor stove mishap, my kitchen is fortunately fully outfitted.

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Banana Muffins of the Volta Region variety

Banana Muffins of the Volta Region variety

Original: All Recipes
Substitutions: local sugar for white sugar, coconut oil for vegetable oil, cassava flour (take note, gluten-free friends!) for white flour, water for milk, added cinnamon.


I know of no reason why the okra season should ever be forgot…or overlooked.

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Iron Chef: Season 1, Episode 1

In this episode contestants must create a full meal using only those ingredients close to spoiling.

Iron Chef: Season 1, Episode 1

Market day is tomorrow. I will survive.

Today I exploded the stove.

Well, at least a part of it.

The range in our kitchen (until so very recently) had a glass plate that could be lowered from a hinge in back to cover the open burner flames or lifted to make lighting the pilots easier. I still am not entirely sure what purpose this covering served, because I learned rather quickly that a burner flame will, well, shatter it.

Exploded Stove