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Critical Caffeine Cartography



Maseru: the land of milk and honey.
Literally. I can only buy those items at the Maseru Pick’n’Pay or ShopRite.

Staples aside, Maseru has also become a source of treats including chocolate, leafy green vegetables, dried fruits, nuts, and biscuits. Until recently, the list stopped there. But when ‘M’e and I traveled to the capital for end-of-month errands (and a surprise event), I discovered not one but two eateries that nearly made me cry of happiness.

1) Ouh La La

Briefly transported to a French café, complete with lemon crêpe.

2) The Regal

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'M'e Nthabileng treated me to Indian food. I cried.

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Indian food to die for. Naan and dhal made right.

Education: A test of will

Case Study 1 | The Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

Hours spent preparing for the test: 130
Coffees consumed while studying: 67
Flashcards flipped: 750
Practice exams taken: 13
Hours of official testing: 4

All to calculate a few numbers determining my eligibility for graduate education.

Case Study 2 | Fellowship applications

Months dedicated to the process: 18
Coffees consumed while studying: 1080
Essay drafts: 78*
Peer editors: 14
Letters of recommendation: 14
Mock interviews: 6
Submissions: 7
Likelihood of success based on previous statistics: 4%


*divided across 4 separate fellowships


Caffeinated Owls

Caffeinated Owls

My colleagues are jerks


Once again, hosting my wonderful New York colleagues has kept me silent. If not for their changing titles, I’d properly introduce Leslie and Novy, who shared my house, food, favorite spots in Ho, and laughs for the past two weeks.

They made me miss big cities with tall buildings, delivery Thai food, roommates, real nightlife, life-talks, sarcasm, and clothes that fit the way they’re supposed to.

Thanks a lot, guys.

Though, they did bring me coffee and Mexican food, so I truly can’t complain.


Morning Blues

Morning Blues

The one thing I miss most of all.