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London from Primrose Hill

(photo cred: Dance For Your Daddy) - http://danceforyourdaddy.wordpress.com/2012/10/15/lets-take-a-cycle-to-primrose-hill-its-windy-there-and-the-views-so-nice/

A mid-run break this afternoon in Regent’s Park.



Maseru: the land of milk and honey.
Literally. I can only buy those items at the Maseru Pick’n’Pay or ShopRite.

Staples aside, Maseru has also become a source of treats including chocolate, leafy green vegetables, dried fruits, nuts, and biscuits. Until recently, the list stopped there. But when ‘M’e and I traveled to the capital for end-of-month errands (and a surprise event), I discovered not one but two eateries that nearly made me cry of happiness.

1) Ouh La La

Briefly transported to a French café, complete with lemon crêpe.

2) The Regal

'M'e Nthabileng treated me to Indian food. I cried.

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Indian food to die for. Naan and dhal made right.