The Settlement Trajectory

I have settlement problems.

In the past 5 years I have moved house no fewer than 13 times.

I have relocated between 10 cities, in 6 countries over 3 continents.

My moves have spanned 10 time zones and both hemispheres.

Elevations from 2 metres to 2 kilometres.

Climates from hot, humid tropics to cold, arid mountains to stable, sable deserts to the temperamental temperate zone.

Houses built of wood, concrete, nylon, mud.

Or no house at all.


Every move has brought plenty of newness.

New languages.

New cultures.

New systems of survival.

New friends and neighbours.

New jobs and new responsibilities – some to my liking; others less so.


By most standards, that is a lot of change, a lot of newness, in only a little time.

But I discovered that I have a settlement pattern.


2 hours: Explore.

2 weeks: All essentials located.

2 months: Routine, friends and local favourites established.

4 months: Feeling at ‘home’, in that wonderful English-language sense.

6 months: Restless for change.


I have yet to make it past that 6 month mark…

This time I’d like to.


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