Part 5: A Second Border-Jump


It means ‘to restart the economy’ in siSwati, the national language of Swaziland, and near the little town of Ngonini, that is precisely what comes of the trainings run by a local organisation of that name.

Nearly twenty years ago, eighteen chiefdoms (sigodzi) in northern Swaziland allied in support of a little project intending to run community support programs that would enhance the lives of local Swazis and allow them to build toward a brighter tomorrow. Sound like NGO-speak? It is. It’s also true.

IMG_2754Kathy Gau is the Peace Corps Volunteer who never left. After extending her volunteer term an additional year and then holding a few odd jobs in northern Swazi, she laid the foundations for Vusumnotfo, where she has worked ever since.

Kathy, her daughter Alison, and their friend Walker came to visit Jenn and me in December last year. Unable to repay the visit in April, I took advantage of my time-sensitive visa situation to make the trip in August.

For a full week I camped out in a Wendy house (after learning what is a Wendy house), hiked, ran, talked work, and talked life. I got to see the organisation in full workshop operation and spent some time learning about Swazi history and culture as I chatted with the Vusumnotfo staff between sessions.

Definitely glad I got the touristy stuff out of the way a few months ago to really enjoy this slice of Swaziland.


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