Julie Moore, a fine addition

To cease my endless solitude, I have recently received the grace and good company of a certain Julie Moore. We will forgive her Canadian background (except on Canada Day, because who doesn’t want an excuse to party on a weeknight?) and revel in the wonderful new addition to the TTL campus.

IMG_8965 - Version 2Julie has fallen into Mokhotlong ready for a challenging year of growth and learning. I can at least guarantee her that much. Though this is not her first trip to the African continent (hello, Tanzania and Morocco), it will certainly be her longest and most remote.

IMG_8704A registered nurse, specialising in adolescent psychiatry, Julie has spent most of her time abroad in Mexico. Coincidentally, it was in Puerto Vallarta where she received her first up-close-and-personal interaction with southern Africa (via a side job at an African art gallery, run by an eccentric Jo’burger named Brian.)

Fortunately, Julie’s interest in maternal and child health will pick up where Jenn left off – providing medical-related advice to the TTL staff when they ask specific questions that I, unfortunately, am ill-equipped to answer even on my best days.

Jules is a lover of red wine and good literature and positive environments, which naturally are vastly improved by companions, candles, and comedy.

IMG_8719I am so grateful to have another warm body to occupy space in the office and common room, but even more to have an eager mind for discussion and assistance. May your opinion of this Canadian ruffian be ever-and-increasingly-positive, as is mine.


5 responses to “Julie Moore, a fine addition

  1. Julie sounds like a DREAM companion! Wow. Really happy to see you in the good company of a smart, classy, and Canadian. Since I can’t be there. And I’m not Canadian. What I’m saying is I miss you and can I come hang out with you guys?

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