Morning Hike: the Game Park edition

Kruger National Park has so much to offer a tourist. Not only will visitors enjoy a ‘real safari’ (whatever that is), but they have half a dozen options for how best to make that happen. Whether as part of a guided tour or independently, driving through the park is quite the experience and rare game sightings are frequent and likely, if not entirely guaranteed. But there is a wholly different way to approach Kruger as well – walking through the park with two trained guides.


We left at five in the morning, bleary-eyed and under-caffeinated, but stoked on our next adventure. Having already spotted an impressive three of ‘The Big Five’ the night before, this morning walk was dedicated to the lion and the critically endangered black rhinoceros. Truth be told, we were prepared to be happy for any rhinoceros. Technicalities be damned.

We began our day, therefore, with a lion devouring a hippo mid-river:


A rather disgruntled hyena:P1020858

A charging elephant:P1020863

And yes, rhinos. White ones:IMG_6442

Our guides dropped their knowledge on us regarding the local flora and fauna; touted their rifles like Rambos; cracked jokes in four languages; and made sure we each got to see the buffalos and kudu ranging through the brush.


One wants to be buried in beautiful Kruger Park.
Talk about commitment.


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