Taster Trip 2014 | Moçambique

Onward and upward we go. North to the beautiful beaches of Mozambique.

P1020581Everything in Mozambique seemed new and different. The lush rolling hills contrasted so starkly with the arid vegetation in South Africa. The language sounded simultaneously foreign and familiar. The architecture felt decidedly European (with good reason). The cuisine revolved around a staple other than maize. The craft markets sold art and trinkets new to my eyes. Perhaps I was simply enraptured by the all-pervasive nautical theme.

Regardless, I left my heart in Mozambique.

The Taster Trip crew arrived in Maputo before the Easter rush bogged down the borders. Our own holiday weekend was booked for the serene Praia de Macaneta, and we wanted some time to explore the city before retreating offshore. The magic began with sunrise the following morning as I looked out my cliff-top bedroom window to see the ocean for miles and miles. I practically flew that morning on my sea-side run. Ah, Mozambique, you are truly lovely.



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