Admit it: You love to hate soap operas, but if one is playing you watch. It’s like a flesh-eating disease or really bad car accident – fascinatingly gruesome.

Sometimes, though, it is necessary to get legitimately excited about terrible television, such as when staying at Happy Hippo and the upstairs bar closes at 8pm because the bar staff want to continue their evening routine of watching the popular and longest-running South African soapie Generations

The premise, selon Wiki:

Generations follows the lives of a large, multi-generational family (the Mthembus and Morakas) and their various roles in the advertising industry, while celebrating the dreams and aspirations of South Africans. Rivalry, treachery and blackmail between siblings and friends and foes alike make Generations one of the most forceful dramas South Africa has ever produced. Suspense, intrigue and tension are the order of the day as the plot unfolds and romance influences relationships between warring parties. Its just the reality of the present generation’s life style of the present decade.

Did we proceed then to watch this social drama every evening at 8pm with our bartenders? Of course. Did we choose our backpackers in Saint Lucia based purely upon the staff’s interest in watching Generations with us that night? Naturally. Have I used Generations as a conversation starter since returning to Lesotho? You’d be surprised if I said no, wouldn’t you. Because I have.


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