uShaka Marine World

2014-04-13 13.35.59On a strip of land between the Bay of Natal waterfront and the Durban Port harbor, sits uShaka Marine World comprised of four primary sections: uShaka Sea World (the largest aquarium in the southern hemisphere and 5th largest in the world), uShaka Wet’n’Wild, uShaka Beach, and uShaka Village Walk.

The cost of admission to the Wet’n’Wild theme park and Sea World aquarium partially fund extensive marine conservation and research efforts. uShaka also hosts education programs about marine wildlife and respectful, sustainable use of the sea. The attraction has encouraged extensive tourism to the area since its opening in 2004, and visitors continue to come from all over the world.

Okay. All of that is terribly interesting, and my curious academic side genuinely wants to learn more (especially about the baby hammerhead sharks kept in a nearby residential pond?!), and when I return to Durban I vow to spend more time doing that investigate-and-absorb thing… However.

Water park. Slides. Lazy River. Junk food. Cocktails.

Just sayin’ – we had priorities.


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