I give you: The Meditators

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Considered part of the quintessential Durban experience, The Meditators are a favorite local band that bring reggae soul to their regular fans and fortunate tourists (such as ourselves) each Sunday on the Promenade. After tackling every last one of the uShaka Wet’n’Wild slides in spite of the constant cloud cover and dropping temperatures, Marijn, Ann, and I rushed to the nearest bar, Wahooz, for warm drinks where we discovered this lovely musical entourage on stage. Glued to our seats – or frozen there, perhaps – any desire to leave completely failed us until their full set had concluded.

Thanks to The Meditators for a fantastic afternoon.

Fun fact: Ricky, our surfing instructor on those days we managed to make lessons happen – damn bluebottles, moonlights as The Meditators’ sound manager [pictured behind the band members, above].


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