No easy roads in Lesotho (pt. 1)

‘Turn left on the road toward Sani Pass, then turn right at the bent sign.’

Okay, in hindsight, perhaps these directions are not the clearest. By ‘bent sign’ I probably should have said ‘horribly mangled sign with only one post in the ground and the word “lodge” just barely legible.’

But who thinks of these things? The sign is bent, after all.

2014-04-08 16.53.18With directions scribbled on a spare bit of paper (stolen from ‘M’e Puleng’s desk), I sent Ann and Marijn off for their Basotho pony trek at Molumong Lodge. Not until they arrived back home near dark did I learn my error in employing an insufficiently dramatic descriptor for the only sign that would indicate their turn toward the lodge and their equine adventure.

They had instead continued driving, for approximately an hour and a half, down the road toward Sani Pass. Translation: They had come within half an hour of the cliff that represents the South African border and our next-day destination. Fortunately, a friendly construction worker managed enough English and hand gestures to convey that they had gone way out of their way.

Bumps and potholes notwithstanding, the journey home to Mokhotlong went a bit smoother – their pony trek guide and two Swedes in tow. Southern African backpacking at its purest. Just a taste of the adventures to come.


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