{ Three of my favorite things are at True/False 2014 }

I may rag on Missouri on occasion, but each year True/False puts me in my place. Thanks, Tina, for drawing attention to 3 reasons worth excusing the MO gloom and checking out this year’s festival:

The Gasconader

The True/False documentary film festival is a jubilant affair that erupts all over downtown Columbia, Missouri, at the close of each winter. It’s special for lots of reasons. Directors, producers and subjects answer questions at the end of every show. Buskers play onstage before films and fill the streets when they’re off duty (by the way – Did you know Lawrence, Kansas, has a busker festival?). Visual artists install quirky scenes in every corner of every venue. Speaking of which, we planted our last orange trees this evening, which means…

True/False is this weekend!  Here’s what I’m watching:

{ Documentary about Social Capital in the Rural Midwest }

Rich Hill, directed by Tracy Droz Tragos and Andrew Droz Palermo. One of the best interviews I’ve ever done was with these two cool cousins, whose family is anchored in Rich Hill, Missouri. (Actually, you can read that Q&A in

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