Michael Sam

These Mizzou Tigers, I tell you. Taking names.

One of the University of Missouri‘s finest athletes, a young man named Michael Sam, has been pegged as an early-round draft for the NFL. Though I have not managed to watch a single Mizzou game this year, I trust this assessment. The Mizzou football team is notoriously talented (even if Mizzou athletics have a history of draining funds which should otherwise be funneled toward academic improvement; that’s another story).

There’s just one catch: Michael Sam is openly gay.

The NFL has never drafted an openly gay player before. But when Sam was featured in a NYTimes story and ESPN spot highlighting that very bit of trivia, it became a bit of a media sensation.

Never mind the fact that the full Mizzou team already knew and didn’t care.

In fact, it is such a non-story that the absurd backlash from news outlets and commenters was met with an outpouring of public support.

Even from the very top:

And with that, I wish my alma mater a very happy 175th birthday. I still don’t know a single word to any of the school songs/cheers. Mazel tov.


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