Pucketty Farm Stall

South Africa is filled with hidden gems. Take Pucketty Farm Stall for instance.

IMG_4154Tucked off a country road (curiously named ‘Main Road’) in the town of Underberg, KZN, is a cute little drop-by shop called Pucketty Farm Stall. If you survive the brutal onslaught of the feral Rhodesian Ridgeback at the front gate, wonders await you within.

IMG_4156A wealth of homemade preserves, cheeses, baked treats, and savoury pies line the walls. The wood slat walls and straw-littered floor are reminiscent of my aunt’s barn in (what was until so recently) rural Missouri.

IMG_4143 IMG_4147 IMG_4144Not unlike many a Missouri farm stall I’ve visited, Pucketty also operates on an honor system. None of this pay-at-the-till nonsense the city vendors insist upon. Pucketty harkens back to the good old days of filling out the logbook with your purchases, putting your cash in the bucket, and counting out your own change, goddammit – calculator provided for those above mental acrobatics.

IMG_4145The fantastically fresh whole great bread and South African fig preserves I greedily seized hardly lasted a week back in Mokhotlong.

So much for savouring a good thing.



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