Daisy Jo + Lady Gaga

My holiday gift to myself was a darling ink sketch of a girl clutching a bouquet of flowers in front of her face. The artist, local Ladybrand Afrikaner – of Living Life parentage – is a lovely young lady named Daisy Jo Grobler.

#kneepadsBut Daisy Jo is no idle hobby sketcher. She wan the Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design YOU magazine design competition in which she designed Lady Gaga’s performance getup for the pop icon’s 2012 South Africa tour. With the only instruction being ‘white tshirt, 3 ways,’ she brought in delicious SA flair.

In 2013 she began studying at the Fashion Academy – yet another honor for winning the competition. This girl is going places.

And in real life? Daisy Jo is beautiful and quiet and elegantly dressed. Some day I’d love to catch her scribbling on a sketchpad, but normally I see her spending quality time with her parents in the Living Life Station Cafe.

I enjoy knowing good and humble people doing cool things. Can’t wait to see where Daisy Jo ends up next!


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