Clearing Headspace

For a town that doesn’t see much action, Mokhotlong has kept me surprisingly busy these past few weeks.

End-of-year/-month reports came due and I assumed the de facto copywriter slash editor role. No complaints whatsoever, but that does leave me with astonishingly little brain power to think independently in the after-work hours, much less pacify my slew of avid readers clamoring  for an update [hi, Mom].

The TTL Safe Home slowly empties. Healthy babies are heading home to their families, chubby and babbling – a far cry from the depressingly small and silent wraiths who entered our doors.

Jenn has begun phasing herself out as I get more established. This allows her more time to focus on the UNICEF grant we were awarded last October, always striving for superior nutritional and developmental care of our clients.

On a personal note, the last of my national fellowship applications came back negative, so Thursday morning I submitted my fifth set of documents and essays to a newly-created Mizzou fellowship for unsuccessful students such as myself.

As January draws to a close, I would be lying if I said I was not tired. That is why this weekend Jenn and I are escaping to Underberg and Sani Pass to recuperate. Because what is more restful than a 40km trek up and down a mountain?


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