Afternoon at the VRC

I have never met so many Peace Corps Volunteers at one time before in my life.

14011805Though I suppose when you get invited to join a social event of any kind on a Saturday afternoon in Mokhotlong, it’s probably a good idea to accept. There’s no telling when the next one might be.

During Jenn’s time here she’s made friends with a few of the local PCVs – friendships that I have gratefully assumed to last me through the next nine months. Anri and Carlaine have each already visited for cookies and dinner, respectively. PCVs from Swaziland have stopped by for a visit to Sani Pass and we may be reuniting with them in late February. I suddenly find myself sharing stories of my friend Emily working in Benin, Connor in Peru (or somewhere in Latin America – not sure I ever knew which country precisely), and my old roommate who served in the Volta Region of Ghana. Coincidence.

Peace Corps is a strange culture, but the people who take part are certainly some of the more interesting ones I’ve met. It does take a special kind of person to uproot and move to a completely new culture for two years, expected to take on a project or teaching assignment with very little external guidance. Many of the crew  I met on Saturday have recently arrived to Mokhotlong district, their teaching careers begun on Monday this week. I am curious to see what has changed when we meet again in March.

In the meantime, here’s to Mexican-esque and ginger beer.

14011802 14011803(photos courtesy of Anri)


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