Cookies in the Safe Home

IMG_3821Living and working on the same compound as the TTL Safe Home makes a person more aware of the demands placed on our caregivers. They work through every holiday. Jenn – a health care professional in her own right – wanted to treat the Bo’me, the women who care for the highest-need TTL babies.

Naturally, sugar cookies needed to be baked.

Like many an African baking adventure, good plans are probably too ambitious. Just as I left the kitchen where Jenn was melting butter for the icing, the glass butter bowl took a fancy to exploding (reminiscent of a certain exploding stove).

We spent the next twenty minutes dusting shards of glass off the cookies.


I think Jenn may have been more upset by the loss of butter, but the demise of our best mixing bowl probably ranks somewhere pretty high as well.

Anri, a Peace Corps Volunteer living not too far from Mokhotlong, joined us to decorate the (certified glass-free) cookies, which were delivered, applauded, and promptly consumed – by Bo’me and babies alike.

Happy holidays to those who consistently draw the short straw shifts!


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