IMG_5922[Moh-KHOH-Tlong] my little mountain camp town* home.

It’s not much to look at.
I am terrified of the winter I face in 5 months.
But like all life experiences, we enjoy pros and cons in equal measure.

In Sesotho, the language of Lesotho, Mokhotlong translates to ‘the place of the bald ibis’ – the Southern Bald Ibis, to be precise. It is a pretty bird, and a common one (but more on South African ornithology later).

Mokhotlong district is considered, as Jenn tells me, the Siberia of Lesotho. At 7,000+ feet and only accessible by some rather unpredictable and sometimes treacherous mountain passes, it’s no wonder government workers consider a post in Mokhotlong to be punishment. Home sweet home.

To compensate for its remoteness, Mokhotlong boasts some astonishing natural beauty. The breathtaking Sani Pass is a short drive away and the Senqu River is a ten-minute walk from my front door. Mokhotlong is a place like nowhere I’ve ever lived. In my search for adventure, I believe I’ve found my mountains.


*The term ‘camp town’ refers to the capital city of the district by the same name. Therefore I live in Mokhotlong, Mokhotlong, Lesotho.


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