Many Happy Returns

It is true I’ve fallen in love … with “the most brilliant doomed detective in all of the UK,” to quote a friend’s assessment of my heart’s desire. Sherlock Holmes has won me over.

In my quest to absorb the greatest works of classical literature within the brief span of my lifetime, it only stood to reason that I would one day page through the dusty canon of Arthur Conan Doyle’s mortal genius. What found I there, but the scribblings of an honest but average doctor named Watson and the extraordinary feats of an arrogant pomp with a keen eye for detail and a penchant for trouble. Ah, Holmes.

Naturally, I gravitated toward the tales retold by Hollywood blockbusters and BBC mini-series. What stroke of luck! My Holmes returns to an Empty Hearse on New Year’s Day.

Meanwhile, we wish him Many Happy Returns:


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