ResPoss Retreat

Amidst of my horrific job hunt this past spring, I began putting in hours for Resolution:Possible – a research and discussion platform that focuses on international connections to central and eastern Africa.

ResPoss is based in London, but its support staff are located all over the world. In all, we number a dozen plus, thus requiring some serious communication skills in order to keep everyone to task and working effectively. Taking advantage of a convenient and coincidental overlap in schedules, we set a strategy meeting for the ResPoss team, right in the heart of central London.

Snapshots from the ResPoss Away Day

Snapshots from the ResPoss Away Day

After a month in Saint Louis, the London trip was a gratifying escape and the people felt strangely like good friends.

As Marijn noted, “It’s weird that it’s not weird.

We brainstormed company development and project planning. We told stories and trivia about ourselves and our respective future plans. And we drank. A lot.

Gotta love the English.


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