Firsts and Lasts

FIRST things I packed: my Ghanaian funeral dress

LAST thing I ate in Ho: Vanilla FanIce and sparkling grape juice, erm, champagne

LAST thing I paid for: roast plantains and Alvaro soda

LAST person I called in Ghana: Aba

LAST neighbor I spoke to: Elizabeth and her sister Genesis

LAST gift I gave: I left my backpack on Sela’s porch

FIRST regret: not getting to stop by Sylvia’s restaurant one last time

LAST friendly face I saw: Anthony “Srɔŋutsu” Quashigah

FIRST movie I watched on the plane: The Great Gatsby

FIRST conversation with an American: in Amsterdam, listening to a Quaker missionary expound upon her past six weeks in Kenya with limited electricity

FIRST thought upon seeing so many white people: “Damn, y’all are pasty”

FIRST time I realized I was leaving: going through customs in Detroit

FIRST person I contacted in the US: Team Ghana, to let them know I’d arrived

FIRST person I recognized at the airport: Barclay waving like a maniac

FIRST American meal: Apple pie and pumpkin beer

FIRST thing I did in St. Louis: walk my dog & gawk at the red and orange trees

FIRST thoughts of Ghana from the US: sitting on my bed in my parents’ house, realizing I’d be sleeping under blankets, without a fan running, with a dog curled between my legs, and there wouldn’t be 12-hour Christian revival drumming and chanting to keep me up until dawn…and feeling a bit homesick for that


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