An American Evening


This is Elizabeth Quaye.

She’s 13 years old; speaks three languages; loves to eat Mr. Snackys; and always makes sure her younger sister Genesis is included in her games. More importantly, she’s the closest thing I have to a compatriot in Ho.

Elizabeth often comes to my house in the evenings to ask all sorts of questions. Mostly questions about America.

Many Americans view Africa (the continent comprised of 54 countries and hundreds of distinct languages) as a single, stereotypical region. Many of my Ghanaian neighbors consider the United States (the country comprised of 50 states and hundreds of immigrant nationalities) the same way.

Thus, when Elizabeth asked me what is an American meal, I decided to make a point. American cuisine is nonexistent, or at best a compilation of innovations on dozens of different ethnic foods. As we sat in my living room watching How To Train Your Dragon, Elizabeth had her first American dinner: Ghana edition.

My Asian-inspired evening was more to my taste than Elizabeth’s, but to her credit she tasted everything. At least the experience should stop questions about what people eat in America.


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