Petty Thieves

Thievery in Ghana at any scale is reprehensible behavior. In this rampantly Christian society, one need only consult the eighth of the Ten Commandments for moral guidance on whether or not the big man approves:

“And God spake all these words saying…Thou shalt not steal.” – Exodus 20:1,15 (KJV)

Now, if God himself intended the order of those commandments to reflect their order of importance, then theft has a higher cost than lying and ‘coveting thy neighbour’s goods’. The discussion on wife-as-property can wait for another day.

So when my wallet was snatched from my hand as I walked home last night, the series of thoughts running through my head were as follows:

  1. Wut.
  2. Seriously? I’m 50 meters from my house.
  3. Jesus hates you, thief man.
  4. Damn, my phone was in there.

End scene.

Sure, it’s never a fun experience when you are suddenly and unexpectedly parted from valued possessions. But honestly, I lucked out. Apart from my MO driver license (which means nothing here), my house key (which no longer functions since I’m replacing my locks), and my debit card – everything else in the wallet was pretty much worthless*.

The debit card is an issue. One I’ll work out next week.

Hooray for adventure!

*An exception is my student ID which has saved me roughly GHC 40 since I arrived and was on course to rake in a few more savings. Then again, I haven’t been a student in quite some time so perhaps this can be my moral authority.


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