Ghanaian Cuisine

I have the time but not the desire to scurry around town and collect photos of all the street food that has sustained me the past four months. So I refer readers instead to this excellent compilation of Ghanaian food by KitchenButterfly.

A native of Nigeria, Ozoz is a foodie and is working to raise awareness of Nigerian cuisine (and promoting international foods like heavenly Dutch stroopwafels). Her photos and commentary are both excellent, so foodies indulge!

From my own adventures, I’ve included banku. Not only is this a traditional West African food (like fufu or jollof rice) but it is endemic to the Volta Region. Hats off to the Ewe for creating a cuisine! More than can be said for America…

130611_BD_Adaklu_IMG_4995-160 130611_BD_Adaklu_IMG_4995-156

This boiled cassava dumpling is served with soup or stew and eaten with the hands. It makes for a sticky, messy meal but there is no denying the consumer gets big bang for his buck. When I know banku is on the menu (whenever we visit PoP school communities around mid-day), I don’t eat breakfast or dinner. I’d rather be a polite guest to Ghanaian hospitality than leave my banku half-eaten.



2 responses to “Ghanaian Cuisine

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  2. How lovely.

    Thank you for the ‘shout-out’ – I appreciate it. And you are so kind!!

    I want to dive into that bowl of soup ….I’ll pass on the Banku 🙂

    Stay well

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