Dance It Out

Ghanaians love to dance. And damn, are they good at it.

Whether it’s swaying and weaving to the soulful Christian hymns and variation gospel music or bobbing and thrusting to the (sacrilegious) Azonto style pop tunes, everyone in Ghana puts me to shame. Not that it’s hard to do.

Following the Supreme Court verdict on Thursday afternoon, the whole town of Ho turned out to sing and dance in the streets. Men and women dressed in white scarves of celebration and chanted while leaning out taxi windows or parading down sidewalks.

Every day on my walk to and from the office I pass a bar called Queen’s Spot. Thursday afternoon the music spilling from the speakers that had been newly placed out front was ear-splittingly loud and about two dozen people were crowding the patio area to dance and celebrate. Everyone within earshot of Queen’s (a good distance, you can imagine) was dancing in the street or in their vendor stalls.

People worried about violence following the court verdict.

In Ho, we just danced it out.


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