Graphic and Times

[Enter scene: Ghana’s two leading newspapers,
The Daily Graphic and The Ghanaian Times.]

Both papers are state-owned and can boast relatively high readership (100,000 and 80,000 respectively). Several editors have seen the axe over the years for publishing content that does not align with the government politics du jour, to which I applaud those editors’ courage and candor.

Comparing the two, however, there is little doubt – the Times is the classier journal (in the sense it reads more like a storybook). The Ghanaian population at large seems to understand this, too, as is reflected in a common snack item sold colloquially under the name ‘Graphic and Times.’


Popcorn and groundnuts – the popcorn forming the loud and crunchy bulk is therefore similar to the Graphic: tabloid-ridden and filled with hard-hitting news, general nonsense sprinkled throughout. The smooth and salty groundnuts, by contrast, are like the Times – a refreshing break from the general media noise.


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