Justified by Disconnect

Electricity, commonly regarded as bringer of light and internet into my life, has but one responsibility: keep connected.

Naturally, I do enjoy unplugging from time to time. It grants me the opportunity to enjoy the people and places in my life that my quick-walking feet so often breeze past. I like eliminating the multiple screens from before my eyes and silencing those grating ringing/vibrating noises.

But when the power is out for all 13 hours of a regular workday…I must say I’m at a loss for how to conduct my job. So instead:

  • Naptime face-down on the desk
  • Solitaire for a few solid hours
  • Reading 25% of the book I fortunately brought with me
  • Lunch with Sylvia
  • Chatting with Sylvia
  • Staring at the wall in Sylvia’s restaurant
  • Naptime face-down on the floor
  • Solitaire until the power turns on

It’s been an exhausting day.


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