Logan (film)

I love watching movies set in Missouri. Sometimes I recognize the location shots, occasionally I’ll remember the actual events, and I always enjoy judging the directors’ success in capturing ‘Missouri life.’

But in the case of 2010 independent film Logan, I went to grade school with one of the leads*. That’s a first.

As far as independent films go, this isn’t the best I’ve seen. The sound could use some work; the cinematography could have ironed out some of the awkward scripting or poor delivery. It addresses huge issues rather bluntly, which can be heartwarming or obnoxious, depending on how it’s handled.

But the directors did capture the Missouri family and the rural neighborhood really well. The band concert was phenomenal. And I got a kick out of seeing Patrick’s real-life younger brother get up on a table High School Musical-esque toward the end of the film.

I’m still wondering why the entire high school body was so short.

Also craving Lucky Charms.

*on whom 10-year-old Becky had a huge crush – must have been the hair, which hasn’t changed one bit.


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