[Ghana] Malt

The not-quite-chocolate/not-quite-malt/definitely-powdered-milk* breakfast beverage consumed by nearly every Ghanaian schoolchild.

Though it comes in many forms,

      and brands [Ovaltine, Milo, Cowbell, Richoco, Bournvita, et al.], this morning mix is the student’s preferred kickstarter.

History & Tradition
Apparently the original credit goes to British company Horlicks, but Ovaltine may challenge that claim. Once an export commodity from Switzerland to Britain (during which the Brits butchered the original name ‘Ovomaltine’ to create the modern classic) Ovaltine has had a pretty impressive PR history.

Like its American counterpart, Ovaltine in Ghana has memorable commercials.

Thanks to pre-packaged servings, preparation amounts to a simple mix-and-consume; yet I enjoy looking at the original 1904 Ovaltine recipe:

  • malt
  • milk
  • eggs
  • flavored with cocoa

*I should note that most milk in Ho, Ghana is powdered – and all I’ve used when trying the malt drinks – but Vitamilk would make an excellent substitute.


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