Breaking Stride

One step, Two steps
Grabbing the pavement
Dragging it behind
Creating a breeze where the humid air
Has deemed such a luxury.

My feet and face are out of place in this slow-town, Ho-town, where thoughts are processed simply,  singly, deliberately.

I hardly glance at the group of men hissing and calling to me, beckoning me come. I smile. I wave. I continue.

“Sister, buy something. How much you want?” The woman waves her arm over woven trays covered in okra and peppers. I pass her as well.

“Becky! Good morning!” I have forgotten his name, or perhaps I never learned it, but he will surely greet me again as he has each morning. No need to stop today.

My mind races with a thousands thoughts that demand constant movement for proper categorization. My eyes dart from stall to stall, noting the absence of certain merchant friends and the sudden availability of new things to buy.

I pause.

I do need eggs –
“2 cedi please. Thank you, sister.”

I carry on.


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