Nelson Mandela | The inspiration of ages

I love Mandela – the saint who isn’t, the hero who never asked to be, the leader who loved his people more than the power. He is a role model precisely because he is imperfect. Because he failed and he learned from his mistakes. He has a cause and he believes in it with every fiber of his being.

NPR recently commemorated The Day Nelson Mandela Walked Out of Prison in a beautiful story and slideshow.

Today is UN-official  Nelson Mandela International Day to honor the former president’s commitment to peace and reconciliation, honoring his 67-year fight.

While the man himself clings to life in a South African hospital, I hope this becomes more than a media spectacle; I hope people pause to remember that this day is about more than ‘Mandela’s Legacy’ and rather about honoring all he worked to achieve.

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