Stephen King on editing: “Kill your darlings”

This will be an exercise in editing and voice.

Well, I lied.

I spend so much time editing my  scholarship applications before work and editing website content during work and editing research findings after work, that by the time I sit down to summon together a blog I find myself a bit, well, over-edited. And perhaps my voice sounds about as tired as the rest of me feels.

Before setting out to apply for the prestigious Marshall, Fulbright, Gates Cambridge, and Mitchell Scholarships my thoughts were only: “Who wants to pay for my graduate education?” and “studying in the UK > studying in the US.”

Both of those are still true.

But from the fatigue of relentless editing, exacerbated by malaria and a 3-hour essay review with my father (over Skype and frequently interrupted by power outages), I begin to understand why some people fail to complete the application.

This is a test of will and endurance as much as a fierce competition.

Lest the reader feel slighted in my lack of attention, disappointed in my reduction to internet complaints, or sympathetic toward my situation…

Have a puppy.


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