Queen for Six Months

I recently wrote a blog for PoP’s website [not yet published] about Ghanaian hospitality and a concept I was introduced to on my first day:

On one’s first day in Ghana,
one must be treated like a queen.

Queens here are markedly different from their European counterparts, but the general idea is the same: royalty deserve enormous respect, people go out of their way to help those of royal status, and in return, the royal individual must care for his/her people.

Now, I may not exactly qualify, but all the same I am treated like a queen. Here is a list of things that happened to me all in a single day:

  • At the market I bought three mangoes from my usual lady, and she threw in a fourth fo’ free.
  • My neighbor, Pastor George, travels quite a lot, but worries when he does not see me in the evenings and took time to make sure I knew that he is entirely at my service whenever he is in Ho.
  • One of our DIVOG friends lives nearby and as he drove past he stopped to chat and see if I needed a lift anywhere.
  • A woman who has been teaching me Ewe chased off a man who was following me and asking incessant questions. Mind you, she did this with a full bowl of beads for sale balanced on her head like a BAMF.
  • In vain I have been hunting for an Ewe Qur’an in this very Christian country, and then my new Muslim friend Yakobo promised to bring me three copies – all in different languages.

I may not be royalty and I may not blend well in a crowd and I may not always understand what’s being said or going on, but I am one grateful neighbor.


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