The 50 Worst Charities in America

An email from Charity Defense Council just landed in my inbox.

It caught my attention because the first list item included the heartwarming names Tim Fleming and Jaclyn Licht. Congratulations to these two on their new internships!

As I read further, I realized “OH! This is Dan Pallotta‘s organization. Got it.”

The email heartily distributed a victory letter signed by the CEOs of three top charity accountability organizations – BBB, CharityNavigator, and GuideStar – that publicly denounces rating charities solely on the dollar amount or percentage they spend on overhead costs, especially since such costs encompass  important things like employee training as well as fundraising and investment.

This comes right on the heels of a Tampa Bay Times and Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) article released in mid-June, which lists the ‘50 worst charities in America.’ My initial read-through was quick but conservative – I felt the  compared data didn’t quite tell the whole story and with over 1.5 million registered charities in the US, I wanted to see a clear and logical methodology. Dan Pallotta himself had a few words to say on the matter. All that to say, the conversation continues.

Food for thought.


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