Go until you hit water

lagoon (noun): an area of shallow water separated from the sea by low sandy dunes.

Keta Lagoon

Keta Lagoon is the largest such body of water in Ghana. Spanning an impressive 300 km2 or more,  the water is a source of life for dozens of villages scattered along its ever-changing coasts. The lagoon and its surrounding wildlife habitat became an international protected area in 1992 for reasons of severe ecological endangerment. A tiny strip of land separates the lagoon from the Atlantic Ocean. The town of Keta, lies almost dead center. The increasing sandspit erosion has displaced hundreds of people and swept entire sections of the village out to sea, but Keta soldiers on. Our weekend getaway took Emily, Tom, and me to a hotel just beyond this coastal town, right on the water’s edge.

Lorneh Lodge is everything I would expect in a small, western-style resort. The private bungalows come with A/C and a mini front porch. The entrance spills onto a beachside bar patio with private waters just ahead. The best part? The quiet.

The stars at night were limitless.
The beach was ours to rule.
The waves sang us to sleep with their crashing cries for attention.

Keta treated us well.


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