Stylistic differences

Mrs. Dalloway*
by Virginia Woolf
A tracking shot that cuts seamlessly from character to character and would transition lovely to film.

Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies*
by Jared Diamond
A good (though by no means earthshattering) powerpoint presentation. This becomes important during the chapters on radiocarbon dating.

The Fall of the Congo Arabs*
by Captain Sidney Langford Hinde
An over-long diary entry, appropriately racist to the time period, that lauds his personal exploits as hunter of hippopotami.

Pride and Prejudice*
by Jane Austin
One of those tales concocted in the pleasant monotony of alone time in a hammock and voiced aloud to no one in particular, complete with sarcasm and full character development, of course.

The Alchemist*
by Paulo Coelho
Le Petit Prince, set in North Africa, plus a few pages about omens and sheep.

In Defense of Food*
by Michael Pollan
A witty piece of journalism – ironic since he seems to hold journalists in such contempt.

Fahrenheit 451*
by Ray Bradbury
An HBO extended episode, film noir, scored by John Williams as only John Williams can do.


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